The Granddad and the Renault 12 - a touching story from Argentina
Tuesday 24 May 2022

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The Granddad and the Renault 12 - a touching story from Argentina

Who has never wanted to make their granddad’s dream come true? That’s what Gonzalo did. This young Argentine managed to give his granddad Alberto the gift he had always dreamed of - a Renault 12. This touching story took an unexpected turn when the local Renault Care Service teams decided to help them both restore the vehicle.

Alberto, a retired 76-year-old from General Pico, a city in the province of La Pampa, had always dreamed of owning a Renault 12, the first car he had driven. He was fascinated by this model, which he defined as “robust” and “indestructible,” but could never afford to buy one.  So, Gonzalo decided to make it happen. With the money he had saved up working as a DJ and the proceeds from the sale of his own motorbike, he managed to buy the dream gift - a 1993 Renault 12. It needed a lot of repair work, but Alberto was thrilled.

It could all have stopped there. But then the Argentine press picked up this touching story and it swept across the country. Alberto and Gonzalo were asked to tell their story on national TV, which is how Renault heard about it and decided to help them refurbish the car.  

Pablo Sibilla, President and CEO, Renault Argentina, said: “When we heard Alberto’s and Gonzalo’s story, we were deeply moved and decided to make them even happier!  The Renault 12 is one of our historical emblems and now I’m sure it will become part of this grandfather’s and his grandson’s story, too. This wonderful adventure is exactly what our brand is all about, it’s what we mean when we call it a “love brand”, when we say that our customers also have a love story with our brand.”

It was a golden opportunity to put Renault Care Service’s raison d’être—to keep all its customers’ cars on the road for longer—and its expertise into action. The Argentine after-sales arm contacted Gonzalo and Manera Pérez, the dealership in General Pico. They had all the parts they needed to refurbish Alberto’s Renault 12 and got to work straight away. Then they went the extra mile - Renault Argentina also decided to service his revamped car for life for free.

Gonzalo, Alberto’s grandson, said:  “We were very surprised how far our story travelled, and especially that a brand like Renault would reach out and offer to help. We really appreciated that, as customers of the brand.”

The adventure continued for Alberto and Gonzalo - Renault took them on a tour of the Santa Isabel plant in Cordoba, which built Renault 12s until 1995, to show them how theirs was made, back in 1993.  It was a moving visit tinged with nostalgia - two feelings that inevitably overcome Alberto every time he sits at the wheel of his beloved Renault 12.  You can see the tour in the video here.

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