At Retail Renault Group, we work with MOTRIO to deliver outstanding aftersales service. Accordingly, we ensure that no maintenance work proceeds without the use of Manufacturer Approved trade parts, which are available at our Cardiff, Croydon, Enfield, Hayes, Liverpool and Manchester locations.

We’re currently running a £5 and £10-off promotion on our trade parts, details of which are included below.

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TYRES We stock and fit tyres, which are crucial for your safety on the road as they serve as the sole connection between your vehicle and the road surface. Over time and with cumulative mileage, tyres naturally degrade, and their condition is influenced by factors such as road conditions and individual driving habits.
TIMING BELT Comprising a series of interconnected components, a combustion-engine car’s timing belt orchestrates the synchronised operation of vital engine functions. These include the engine, alternator, power steering, air conditioning and water pump. As such, it holds a pivotal role in the overall functionality of a combustion-engine vehicle.
MOTRIO Available to customers of Retail Renault Group, and with more than two decades of expertise, MOTRIO prioritises quality and safety for your vehicle.