​Renault Symbioz - A New Era in Family

Symbioz joins a proud line of family ‘voitures à vivre’, almost 60 years after the launch of Renault 16, with its modern, spacious and functional design, and 40 years after the revolutionary Espace, an adaptable vehicle just 4.25m long but able to carry seven people.

Symbioz is a versatile vehicle that incorporates the best technologies from Renault's C segment, offering compactness and spaciousness to meet the needs of everyone​.

Renault Symbioz
Renault Symbioz

An interior continuing the heritage of Renault ‘voitures à vivre’.

A true ‘voiture à vivre’, Renault 16 was designed to stand apart from the competition. Launched in 1965, it premiered a new body style, with hatchback access to the boot. More versatile than any of its contemporaries, Renault 16 included a bench seat adjustable for a 'holiday travel' position. It met the needs of families looking for a car that suited their lifestyles, while keeping pace with rapid social change.

Since then, Renault has continued to innovate with family cars that caught the mood of their times. This was true in the 1980s with Espace, a car that started a revolution with its groundbreaking one-box design and modular layout. In the 1990s, Renault did it again with Scénic, the first compact MPV. Designed to resemble a cocoon, Scénic featured an interior dedicated to passenger well-being.

Symbioz shares this same DNA. Able to adapt its boot and passenger compartment to family needs, with useful technologies delivering human added value and compact dimensions that are also ideal for city driving, it joins a long line of versatile ‘voitures à vivre’, reflecting its times. Showcasing Renault's new design language, Symbioz follows on from the recent Scénic E-Tech electric and New Captur.

The best of the C segement

Combining the best of Renault C-segment vehicles in modular design, connectivity and efficiency, packed with expertise and intelligence, Symbioz is able to meet the highest standards of onboard comfort on both short and long journeys. It is consequently aimed at a broad customer base. First and foremost, it is a car for families looking for space and efficiency with modular, contemporary design. It is also built for corporate fleet owners, looking for a level of electrification while keeping TCO on a tight rein. For both categories of customer, Symbioz delivers an uncompromising win-win.

Positioned between Captur and Austral, Symbioz gives Renault stronger entry-level presence on the C segment. Just 4.41m long, this new model completes the E-Tech ‘hybrid’ range already comprising Arkana (4.57m) and Austral (4.51m), while expanding the E-Tech 'electric' range with Mégane and Scénic E-Tech electric. It confirms the coherence of Renault's strategy, to address a full range of user requirements by building a dual range with dedicated platforms.​

Renault Symbioz

Symbioz is packed with the best of Renault technologies. It features the OpenR Link multimedia system with Google built-in, as well as the Solarbay tinted glass sunroof. The Iconic version ships with 29 new-generation driving aids for optimised safety and driving comfort.

With boot capacity of up to 624 litres – exceptional in a car of this size – and a modular layout with a sliding bench seat that folds to create a flat floor, Symbioz is on a par with the best in its class. At the same time, it remains compact and agile. Designed for both city traffic and family life, Symbioz is ideally versatile.

A new family car that is both eco-friendly and economical to run, Symboz weighs in at under 1,500 kg. Featuring the E-Tech hybrid 145 powertrain, it stands with the best for fuel consumption and emissions with exclusive, ultra-efficient technology that has been continuously improved since its launch in 2020.

After Arkana, Mégane E-Tech electric, Austral and Scénic E-Tech electric, Symbioz completes the range of compact Renault vehicles, as the last vehicle in the Renaulution offensive on the C segment.

Renault Symbioz

“Never a car has lived up to its name so perfectly! Symbioz takes the best from our latest Renault cars and combines it with our “voitures à vivre” DNA: the new Renault design, our efficient E-Tech full hybrid technology and the best multimedia system in the market: OpenR Link with Google built-in, praised by our customers. Add to this a large boot of up to 624 litres, a sliding rear bench and our latest Solarbay opacifying sunroof with voice-control. Attractive, practical, compact, efficient, and packed with useful tech, Renault Symbioz is the perfect ally for both professional and personal lives.  With Renault Symbioz, you will never be alone.”

Fabrice Cambolive, CEO Renault Brand

"The design of Renault Symbioz combines sensual volumes and dynamic character lines, treated with precision. Combined in a well-balanced silhouette, Symbioz exudes strength and technical sophistication, while at the same time promising a roomy and practical experience."

Gilles Vidal, VP, Renault Brand, Design

Orders open July 2024