RENAULT 5 E-TECH 100% ELECTRIC Coming to Retail Renault Group in early 2025 Electric power overrides horsepower


With the new Renault 5 E-TECH, it’s time to bid farewell to the inefficient and dirty combustion engine and embrace an economical and eco-friendly all-electric future.

While adhering closely to the 2021 concept car, the all-new Renault 5 embodies numerous leading-edge technological advancements, including:

  • New AmpR Small platform – The Renault 5 E-TECH is the first vehicle to use this platform, which has been created specifically for use by EVs
  • V2G and V2L functionality – Another first. The new Renault 5 uses vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology that allows it to draw power from the grid (and return excess power where necessary). The car also uses vehicle-to-load (V2L) technology, enabling it to serve as a power source for your external devices
  • Rapid charging – An 80% top up in just 30 minutes is easily achievable thanks to peak 11kW AC and maximum 100kW DC charging
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The Evolution

The entry-level Evolution trim gets the Renault 5 E-TECH off to a terrific start, its smoothly contoured body exuding automotive sophistication while delivering enhanced aerodynamism. A brand new grille replaces the one featured on the outgoing combustion-engined Renault 5, and it lights up whenever you approach, instantly demonstrating the connection between driver and vehicle. This people-friendly fascia incorporates eye-like automatic High Beam LED headlamps too, which appear to wink as you proceed towards them. Other standard-issue features include 18-inch alloy wheels and hands-free access.

The inside of the vehicle is no less captivating. Comprising rounded-off rectangles and soft-touch materials, the cabin is a sight for sore eyes, the kind of environment you’ll be aching to return to.

It’s comfortable too, featuring H-shaped seats that echo those found in the classic R5 Turbo of the 70s and 80s. Moreover, thanks to the inclusion of a highly efficient heat pump, establishing your ideal cabin temperature is as easy as can be.

Standard-issue tech includes a customisable 10-inch digital instrument panel that provides all the car-related information you’ll ever need. It’s paired with a 10-inch touchscreen display, which is centrally positioned and provides access to a wide range of infotainment features.

This baseline grade comes with an array of driver assist systems too. For instance, Driver Vigilance Warning monitors your attentiveness, alerting you when it’s time to take a break.

The Techno

Rather delightfully, the second-tier Techno’s seats are upholstered in denim, perfectly reflecting the all-new Renault 5’s fun and funky nature. This stylishly homely material features elsewhere too, on door panels and dashboard, for instance.

Other Techno upgrades include Renault’s award-winning, intuitive and super-slick openR Link multimedia system, which can be operated by touch or voice control. It’s compatible with Apple and Android smartphones and offers seamless wireless integration.

Techno trims also feature Multi Sense System, a clever technology that lets you personalise your motoring experience with ECO, Sport and configurable MY Sensedrive modes. Each mode affects steering, powertrain response, and ambient cabin lighting in different ways. Additional safety features include Active Driver Assist (incorporating Adaptive Cruise Control and Stop & Go) and a reversing camera.

The boldest, brightest Renault 5 E-Tech version

The Iconic Five is brimming with savoir faire. For example, this trim’s seats are comprised of elegant grey tones that are highlighted with flashes of brilliant yellow on the ‘H’ outline and backlit RENAULT5 insignia.To ensure optimal comfort, both front seats are heated, as is the steering wheel.

Extra driver assist features include a hands-free technology which helps with parking by controlling the steering wheel and brakes while you put pressure on the accelerator. Furthermore, thanks to the inclusion of front, rear and side-mounted sensors, potential obstacles are routinely monitored.

Two battery options

As standard, the Renault 5 E-Tech is equipped with a 40kWh lithium-ion battery which enables a range of up to 186 miles. Need more range? A 52kWh version allows the car to travel even further on a single charge – up to 248 miles; it also delivers 0-62mph in less than eight seconds. Whichever option you choose, it features a liquid cooling system that regulates temperature, and facilitates battery preconditioning to optimise charging times.

Full connected

Renault’s advanced openR Link technology delivers enhanced multimedia satisfaction via Google Play (available with Techno and Iconic 5 grades). With more than 50 apps at your disposal, there are plenty of audio and news-delivery options and much more besides. For instance, one function of Google Maps (via openR Link) is its ability to calculate battery levels in relation to your destination. Where necessary, it will suggest charging stops while providing you with an estimation of how long a top-up will take. Whenever you identify a particular charging station, it also provides power rating and payment method details. Simultaneously, it accounts for battery preconditioning, thus ensuring optimal charging and journey planning.

Made to measure

The Renault 5 E-TECH is just 3.92m, which means it falls firmly within the supermini class – however, since it uses the new AmpR Small platform, it maximises interior space. This means it easily accommodates a three-seat rear bench, for example. What’s more, since the battery is situated beneath the floor, there’s enough room for a 326-litre boot, which further expands whenever 60/40 split-folding rear seats are dropped. This bespoke platform helps to deliver optimised safety, agility and efficiency too – and it enables a range of up to 248 miles.​

Say hello to Reno

Meet Reno, your personable virtual assistant, who always has answers to questions about the car and how it works, including its 100% electric capabilities. For instance, Whenever you wish to schedule a charge at a particular time, Reno will happily oblige. Reno is also programmed to answer 200 commonly asked aftersales questions.

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The My Renault app is available free from the App Store and Google Play. Among other things, it allows you to remotely manage your vehicle and monitor its health. It also enables you to precondition the car’s battery, either by programming the system or by switching it on remotely.

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    A stylish and sustainable all-electric supermini Powered by a 100% electric drivetrain, the all-new Renault 5 is super-affordable to run – and it produces zero harmful emissions, which means it’s fully exempt for Clean Air Zone charges enforced in Bath, Birmingham, Bradford, London, Sheffield and other affected cities. It’s an excellent city car too, its compact size making it ideal in busy urban environments, while a five-door body ensures easy access to a roomy, well-equipped five-seat cabin.
    Compact yet spacious The Renault 5 E-Tech electric is the same size as an agile city car – indeed, at just 3.92m long, it’s 9cm shorter than the Clio. However, it features an optimised 2.54m wheelbase that delivers unexpected passenger and luggage capacity, and it offers plenty of headroom too.
    Distinctive headlights The new Renault 5’s welcoming fascia features two jaunty eye-like full-LED headlights which bid you welcome and farewell with a cheerful ‘wink’. Located either side of the Renault logo, they sit above a reinvented grille that’s home to the vehicle’s charging indicator. Below, you’ll spy a unique light signature comprising two rounded rectangular lights situated on the front bumper.