Service you can rely on
Oil Changes
Oil changes – During the service of a petrol/diesel car, one of the most important things we do is change the engine oil. Regular oil changes help to deliver optimal engine performance while significantly minimising friction and wear. If you wish to benefit from enhanced fuel efficiency while extending the life of your Renault, be sure to make an appointment.
Brake Replacements
Brake replacements – Faulty brakes account for roughly 17% of all MOT failures. We’ll make sure that you’re fully prepared for your next MOT by replacing worn-out components such as bushings, shock absorbers and struts. Following a Renault Retail Group overhaul of your brakes, you’ll enjoy improved handling, comfort and safety.
Engine Diagnostics
Engine diagnostics – Are you experiencing problems with your car’s engine? Our specialist teams are able to sniff out any problems – and suggest affordable remedies.
Suspension Refresh
Suspension refresh – A car’s suspension is comprised of many components, including struts, shock absorbers, mounting hardware and upper and lower arm controls. Allow us to completely refresh your Renault’s suspension – you’ll soon notice the difference in handling and ride quality, and your car will be safer too.
And more – Service Plans, minor and major repairs, MOTs, winter checks… Our extensive aftersales provision covers every conceivable need. We also provide 0% Aftersales Finance, something that can make all the difference when times are tight.
Servicing Renault
A Passion for Everything Renault Our technicians are Manufacturer Approved experts who love their job. Here at Renault Retail Group, we’re committed to ensuring that every vehicle that passes our aftersales threshold is treated with full care and attention. We work quickly but efficiently while strictly adhering to Renault servicing guidelines. When work is completed, you’ll benefit from the use of a car that’s operating at peak capacity.
0% finance with no fees on all repairs, servicing, parts and accessories during these uncertain times Manage your budget with 4 or 6 month payment options. Easy to apply – just speak to your friendly service advisor. This allows you to enjoy the quality of Renault service and a 1-year guarantee on parts and labour. Affordable price and repair quality: the winning formula for peace-of-mind whatever the circumstances!

How does this work?

£200 service
Pay £50 on the day
Pay 3 further monthly payments of £50
Total to pay back £200
£480 service
Pay £80 on the day
Pay 3 further monthly payments of £80
Total to pay back £480
0% Finance
Frequently Asked Questions Would you like to know how 0% Aftersales Finance at Renault Retail Group can benefit you? If so, please don’t hesitate to view our frequently asked questions.

What is 0% Aftersales Finance?


0% Aftersales Finance is provided by Payment Assist. It’s designed to help ease the burden of an unexpected service, repair or MOT bill. Rather than delay essential work, 0% Aftersales Finance allows you to spread the cost, thus ensuring your car remains roadworthy and safe at all times. What’s more, there’s no interest nor any fees.

Will I be credit checked – if so, will I be eligible?


We’ll ask you to complete a simple affordability calculation because Payment Assist loans are subject to status and affordability confirmation. If the finance is up to £2,000, we’ll perform a soft credit check which won’t affect your credit history. If the finance is more than £2,000, we’ll include a credit reference agency search.

What happens if I want to cancel my payment plan


If you wish to cancel your payment plan, please contact us to arrange: 1) an alternative payment method, or 2) confirmation that the work is being cancelled.

In the case of the latter, any refund payments will be made to you via your debit card within five to seven working days of the cancellation confirmation.

What’s the catch?


There isn’t one! Payment Assist ensures that you pay no interest or fees on the funds you need, provided your payments are made in line with the payment plan.