Car Colours: What Your Car Colour Means
Monday 09 May 2022

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Car Colours: What Your Car Colour Means

The make and model of your car can say a lot about your personality, but did you know that the colour choice can too?

There are connotations attached to a number of colours - which is where the phrase ‘green with envy’ comes from. Whether your latest drive is a statement colour or simply your favourite, we’ve looked at some of the most popular car colours and what that might say about you.

Car Colour Meanings

Car colour meanings can vary. The connotations of red might not match what the car says about the owner – but it’s quite likely that some of the most popular car colours have been purchased because of what they represent on the roads.

From brighter hues to dark tones, we’ve picked out the car colours that are purchased the most in the UK.

Yellow Cars

Drivers of yellow cars are supposedly bursting with energy and are exceedingly optimistic. It isn’t a popular colour among most drivers, which probably says more about the UK than it does about its car owners – sitting in 9th place on the top 10 most popular car colours of 2021 according to The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

Yellow has grown in popularity year-on-year, however, with a 31.3% increase in the number of yellow car owners compared to 2020.

The car colour meaning is quite close to the connotations of the colour too, which symbolises friendship and happiness. On the contrary – think of bees – yellow can also symbolise danger… so it might be worthwhile avoiding any yellow cars on the road.

Red Cars

Red is a car colour that has dropped in popularity in the last year, with a 1.3% decrease in the number of this colour seen on the tarmac. It is still a contender though and sits in fifth place in the most popular car colours!

Red car drivers are associated with being the centre of attention, loving to socialise and being high-energy.

The connotations of red match some of these, and include life, health, vigor and love. However, it can also represent anger – so these drivers might be a bit quicker to beep their horn.

Blue Cars

What does the colour blue mean to you? The car colour is supposedly representative of drivers who are trustworthy, calm and safe – so hopefully that’s what you were thinking.

Blue cars are the fourth most popular colour option from 2021, and grew in popularity by 1.4% compared to 2020, according to SMMT.

The colour blue means, in terms of connotations of the colour, calmness, reliability and peace, so if you drive these cars, you can assure your passengers that they are in good hands.

White Cars

White is one of the most popular car colours in the UK, with over 280,000 registered in 2021. White car drivers are linked with being clinical, highly-organised and clean, which is probably for the best with how easy a white car can get dirty!

They are the third most popular car colour, behind black and grey, which we’ll talk about more later.

The connotations of the colour white are close to the aforementioned links, but also lay close to innocence, coldness and blandness.

Grey Cars

It seems like they’re everywhere, and that’s certainly the case – they’re the most purchased car colour in the UK. According to the SMMT, there are over 400,000 silver cars registered, and this amount rose by 2.8% compared to 2020. They’re popular, and still growing.

A grey car colour meaning links drivers to being sensible, practical and those who shy away from the spotlight.

Some other connotations of the colour grey include neutrality and balance – which could explain why it’s such a popular choice for drivers.

Black Cars

If you’re thinking about how to look sophisticated and how to have your car colour ooze style, then black might be the colour for you.

Black cars are the second most popular car colour in the UK and it’s clear to see why with those adjectives above. They’re growing in popularity too – with a 3.9% increase in black cars on the road in 2021 compared to the year before.

The colour black’s connotations are power, elegance, sophistication, and mystery. If those aren’t positives, we don’t know what are.

Other Popular Car Colours And Their Meanings

Of course, there are many other popular colours for cars, with green, orange, silver and bronze all rounding out the top 10 most popular hues.

Green car drivers are associated with being well-balanced, humble and down-to-earth, while orange cars showcase freedom, determination and creativity.

More metallic colours like silver – modernity, strength and grace – and bronze – maturity, growth and loyalty – are different with how popular they are, despite what they showcase. Silver cars have dropped in popularity, down by 8.7% since 2020, while bronze cars are growing year-on-year, with a 12.4% rise in 2021 compared to the year before.

Browse New And Used Car Colours Today

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