The New Master Panel Long Base Introducing the Master Panel Long Base Starting from £32,000 + vat

new renault master panel long base


Renault presents New Renault MASTER and reasserts its expertise in the field. New MASTER is instantly distinguished through a more dynamic front-end design featuring the signature C-shaped lighting. An elevated bonnet line, vertical front grille and new 'Urban Grey' colour complete the revised styling. New MASTER is available in three body heights and four body lengths to adapt to the needs of all users.

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    dynamic & robust New MASTER is instantly distinguished through a more dynamic front-end featuring signature C-shaped lighting. With its assertive design and chrome styling, New MASTER has been designed for you, the professional. With the fully redesigned dashboard with ergonomic lines, New MASTER offers you all of the style and design of a passenger car with no compromise.
    new driving assistance The new driving assistance systems do everything to make your life easier. The "Rear View Assist"(1), a Renault innovation, offers excellent rear view at mid and long distance for the best possible anticipation when driving. Accompanied by the blind spot warning, it offers optimised peripheral vision. The "Side Wind Assist"(2) helps maintain your trajectory in side winds, while the lane departure warning keeps you in the correct lane. Lastly, theAEBS(3) supports and reinforces emergency braking.
    improved performance and efficiency The New MASTER engine range has been completely revamped. It offers increased power and more torque (up to 400Nm and 180hp) offering you more dynamic acceleration and instant pull. Increased driving enjoyment and safety, even with a full load. A winner on every front: increased power and torque come with improved fuel consumption by 13% (NEDC-BT*).