Why buy electric from us? Your Vehicles. Your Way. Anywhere. Electrically powered cars are the future – and they’re available today from Retail Renault Group. With a wide range of electric, plug-in hybrid, full hybrid and mild hybrid Renault and Nissan vehicles available, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

The Renault El​ectric Range​

Your Vehicles. Your Way. Anywhere.​

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    The benefits of buying electric

    Buying an electrified vehicle has multiple benefits for both drivers and the environment. Aside from producing fewer CO2 emissions and a quieter motoring experience, they offer lower running costs, dynamic performance and cheaper servicing and maintenance costs.

    Key benefits include:

    • Low to zero CO2 emissions
    • Quiet motoring
    • Dynamic performance
    • Low running costs
    • Zero road tax on fully electric models

    Types of electric/hybrid vehicles explained

    Discover how an electrified vehicle can enhance your everyday motoring experience.

      Mild hybrid (MHEV) Although an MHEV runs purely on fuel, its engine is supported by an electric motor, which is powered by a small self-charging battery. MHEVs are typically more efficient and produce fewer emissions than cars with only a combustion engine.
      Full hybrid (HEV) HEVs are fitted with a combustion engine and an electric motor, which is powered by a small battery. While they run primarily on fuel, they are capable of covering very short distances on electric power alone and produce fewer emissions than traditional cars.
      Plug-in hybrid (PHEV) PHEVs are fitted with a combustion engine and an electric motor, which is powered by a high-capacity battery. PHEVs can run on electric power alone for short distances, and are much more efficient and eco-friendly than traditional cars. The battery must be plugged in to charge.
      Electric (EV) EVs are 100% electric, which means they produce zero CO2 emissions and are very affordable to run and maintain. They are fitted with an electric motor (sometimes two), which is powered by a high-capacity battery. They must be charged manually.
      How to charge Find out how to charge your electric or hybrid vehicle Charging your vehicle is as easy as filling up with fuel. There are several options for charging at home, including having a wallbox installed. While out and about, you can find charge points in public places such as shopping malls and supermarkets, as well as in motorway service stations, so you’ll never need to worry about your battery running low.

      Electric vehicle FAQs

      When making the switch to electric power, it’s natural to have a few questions. Here, we’ve answered the most common queries, but please get in touch with our team if you need more information.

      Which type of electric or hybrid vehicle is best for me?


      This very much depends on your everyday driving routine and preferences. Speak to our team today to discuss your requirements and discover our vehicle ranges to decide which option is best for you.

      In order, which type of electrified vehicle is the greenest?

      • 100% electric
      • Plug-in hybrid
      • Full hybrid
      • Mild hybrid

      Where can I charge my plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle?


      You can plug in at home via a standard three-pin power supply or a dedicated fast-charging wallbox, or visit one of thousands of UK-wide public connectors.

      Is an electric vehicle completely carbon neutral?


      Not entirely. The EV battery manufacturing process generates CO 2 – but once it leaves the production line, an EV produces no CO 2 or NOx emissions whatsoever.

      Other electric services Your vehicles. Your way. Anywhere. If you have any questions about electrified motoring or if you would like to book a test drive, please contact us today.