Dacia Jogger Hybrid
The New Jogger 7 Seater Dacia's Adventure Ready Event 11th July -25th July get 4 Years Warranty 3 Years Roadside Assistance and 3 Years Servicing* T&C’s apply

All-New Dacia Jogger Dacia Green
All-New Dacia Jogger Dacia Black
All-New Dacia Jogger Dacia White
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All-New Dacia Jogger Dacia Grey
All-New Dacia Jogger Dacia Black
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All-New Dacia Jogger Dacia

7 seater


In a class of its own, the All-new Dacia Jogger takes the best features of all other categories: the length of an estate, the spaciousness of a minivan, and the rugged look of an SUV with a redesigned front grille featuring a whole new brand identity.

Dacia has entered a new era of electrified adventure. Our multi-award-winning Jogger is now available with clever hybrid technology. So you can take your family on wild adventures without taking your wallet for a ride.

Enjoy all the benefits of hybrid technology with Jogger HYBRID 140. A whole range of electrified experiences in the great outdoors with your family awaits.

A true member of the Dacia family, it is the most spacious model on the market with enhanced modularity (60 possible interior configurations). Discover the new take on the 7-seater family car by Dacia.

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Dacia’s versatile family car gets an even more rugged and outdoor look.

A more refined and assertive look with its splashes of Copper and topography-inspired lines,

Jogger Extreme brings nature into its design, both inside and out.

Dacia, synonymous with the outdoors, emphasises its position through the Extreme trim level. Adventures, outdoor activities, solo discoveries – or with seven others – can be enjoyed with Dacia’s robust vehicle range.

Have a look at our walk around video and see the Extreme up closer.

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All-New Dacia Jogger Dacia, Side

Our hybrid technology, which combines two electric motors and a combustion engine, does not need to be plugged in.

With Jogger HYBRID 140, everything is simple: the battery recharges by itself when you decelerate and brake. The smart automatic gearbox combined with the energy management system optimises the vehicle’s performance and consumption.

Dacia Jogger, Interior, Digital Dashboard

​Jogger HYBRID 140 always starts in electric mode

Enjoy the benefits of automatic optimisation of energy sources 

All-New Dacia Jogger Dacia, Front, Red

Reach your full economic potential at the press of a button with ECO Mode.

By pressing the ECO button, the vehicles throttle response is adjusted and the function of some ancillary features, such as the air conditioning, are reduced.

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Dacia Jogger, Interior, Seating Configuration


With three rows of seats, the All-new Dacia Jogger can carry up to 7 adults. Boasting the best interior space on the market and 24 litres of practical storage compartments, everyone on board has optimal comfort. The 3-seater bench seat in row 2 and the two individual seats in the rear can be configured in 60 different combinations.

A practical and modular boot

The boot has a maximum load capacity of 2,085 L when the bench seats folded down. Thanks to the high boot area and long boot floor, families can easily fit a pram or children’s push bike, without having to pull it apart, by laying it flat. They can also carry their hiking equipment, tools or pets by simply removing the 3rd row seats.

Dacia Jogger, Exterior, Front


The All-new Dacia Jogger comes equipped with modular roof rails that can transform in just a few quick steps. With all sorts of trips in mind, even the most unexpected, the rails also function as a roof rack that can carry anything from bicycles, skis, roof box, etc, complete with a generous 80kg carrying capacity.

    DESIGNED FOR THE IDEAL GETWAY It combines the versatility of a sport tourer and the comfort of an SUV. the All-New Dacia Jogger looks rugged thanks to its roof rails, strong wheel arches, and high ground clearance of 200 mm to handle any type of road. Fitted with 16" allot wheel rims and a high wheel edge, it gives off a feeling of robustness. At 4.55m long, Dacia Jogger is the longest of the Dacia range. The perfect dimensions for families looking for a versatile car.
    SIGNATURE Y-SHAPE LIGHTS The ready-for-anything spirit is reflected in the All-New Jogger's styling, with a bold, wide grille featuring a whole new brand identity, flanked by Dacia's signature Y-shaped LED daytime running lights. Integrated within headlights that feature LEDs as standard for low-beam illumination, the use of LED technology not only consumes less energy but also provides stronger, clearer lighting to see and be seen at night. As for the new Dusty Grey body colour, this is a real incentive to get on the road!
    PARKING ASSISTANCE Comprises of four front and four rear ultrasonic sensors as well as a rear-view camera with dynamic guideline overlay to provide audible and visual cues to make manoeuvring in tight spots a breeze.
    HILL START ASSSIT Prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards on an incline by holding the brakes for a period of two seconds after the driver has released their foot from the pedal.
    BLIND SPOT WARNING Kitted out with four ultrasound sensors, the All-new Dacia Jogger lets you know when any vehicles at the back or side are between three and five metres away. If any danger is detected, a warning light flashes automatically in the door mirror, and if your indicator is on, a warning light flashes in the rear-view mirror. The system works between 19mph and 70mph.