Service you can rely on
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Tyres - Tyres provide your Dacia’s only point of contact with the ground, which is why it’s essential that they’re inspected for roadworthiness and safety. Our Dacia experts are here to ensure that your vehicle’s tyres are checked for individual wear and tear and their overall condition.
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Oil Changes - With every petrol/diesel car service, we make sure that an all-important engine oil change is performed. Not all motorists are aware of this, but regular oil changes are vital. They help to deliver optimal engine performance by minimising the risk of friction and general wear and tear. The result? A car that delivers optimal fuel efficiency and which enjoys extended longevity.
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Brake Replacements - Faulty brakes present a considerable risk to you and to other road users. We’re here to ensure that they’re working perfectly. We recommend you have your brakes checked once every 24 months (or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first), and that your brake fluid is changed every 48 months (75,000 miles). Last but not least, be sure to get your brake pads cleaned every 37,000 miles. Here at Retail Group Dacia, we’ll happily do all of these things and more.
a drawing of engine diagnostics
Engine Diagnostics - Because it contains so many working parts, an engine is a complex piece of machinery, one that our technical experts understand inside and out. If you’re experiencing issues with your Dacia’s engine, allow our talented team to quickly establish the problem – and suggest an affordable solution.
suspension refresh
Suspension Refresh - As with your Dacia’s engine, its suspension is made of up many working parts, which we can recalibrate (and replace, if necessary) to ensure that it’s working as smoothly as possible. Typically, fault suspension is due to failing or worn-out parts. If this is the case or there’s another issue at play, we’ll soon put things right. In no time at all you’ll enjoy improved handling and enhanced ride comfort in a car that’s safer to travel in.
That’s not all – There’s more to our aftercare provision than just servicing. Whatever your Dacia requirements, Renault Retail Group has the solution. Please click on the AFTERSALES tab at the top of this page to discover our wide range of aftersales solutions.
Front of Dacia Sandero Stepaway, Door Open
A passion for everything Dacia Aftersales at Renault Retail Group ensures a win-win scenario because our expert technicians are manufacturer-trained and as passionate about Dacia vehicles as you are. What’s more, our prices are competitive, and the quality of our work is always high.
0% finance with no fees on all repairs, servicing, parts and accessories during these uncertain times Manage your budget with 4 or 6 month payment options. Easy to apply – just speak to your friendly service advisor. This allows you to enjoy the quality of Renault service and a 1-year guarantee on parts and labour. Affordable price and repair quality: the winning formula for peace-of-mind whatever the circumstances!

How does this work?

£200 service
Pay £50 on the day
Pay 3 further monthly payments of £50
Total to pay back £200
£480 service
Pay £80 on the day
Pay 3 further monthly payments of £80
Total to pay back £480
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FAQs Please consult our frequently asked questions below to learn about budget-friendly 0% Aftersales Finance at Retail Renault Group.

What is 0% Aftersales Finance?


It’s provided by Payment Assist to cover the cost of an unexpected servicing, repair or MOT bill by staggering repayments over a handful of months – and there are no fees and no interest.

Will I be credit checked and will I be eligible?


You’ll be required to complete a simple affordability calculation. This is because Payment Assist loans are subject to status and the ability to repay. With finance up to £2,000, we’ll carry out a soft credit check; this won’t affect your credit history. With finance that’s more than £2,000, a credit reference agency search will be undertaken.

What happens if I want to cancel my payment plan?


Simply contact us and we’ll either incorporate an alternative payment method or provide confirmation that any future work will be cancelled. Once your plan is cancelled, any refund payments will be made to you via your debit card within five to seven working days.

Where is the catch?


There’s no catch! Provided your payments are in line with the payment plan, Payment Assist allows you to enjoy no-interest, no-fee servicing loans.