About Dacia Zen Dacia ZEN provides a level of cover comparable to a new vehicle warranty. So, even if your model is out of its initial three-year coverage from Dacia and meets the necessary criteria, you will be able to benefit from this rewarding initiative.

For cars under 6 years old

Up-to 7 years warranty with Dacia ZEN

An additional 1-year of warranty by servicing at Dacia

Up-to 7 -years or 75,000 miles cover

Dacia to service your car after standard 3-year warranty expires to get Dacia Zen for the next 18,000 miles
All Dacia vehicles under six years and with fewer than 75,000 miles on the clock.
Your next annual service is conducted by an official Dacia retailer.
Benefit from an additional years’ warranty for up to seven years.

What is the Dacia ZEN renewable additional warranty?


The Dacia ZEN renewable additional warranty is activated during servicing by an official Dacia retailer and is valid for one year. This is available to all Dacia models that are under six years of age and which have covered under 75,000 miles.

Is my vehicle eligible for the Dacia ZEN warranty?


Assuming that your Dacia vehicle has fewer than 75,000 miles on the clock and is under six years old from the date it was originally driven on the road, you will be eligible for the Dacia ZEN warranty.

Am I entitled to the Dacia ZEN warranty?


If your Dacia vehicle has been maintained and serviced according to the recommendations in its maintenance handbook, you will be entitled to the Dacia ZEN warranty.

When does the Dacia ZEN warranty come into effect and expire?


The warranty comes into effect on the day that your Dacia is serviced by an official retailer, such as Renault Retail Group. It is then valid for 12 months or 18,000 miles, whichever comes sooner. If your vehicle is no longer covered by the manufacturer warranty or extended warranty, a one-month waiting period will apply from the servicing date to the effective date of the Dacia ZEN warranty.

What happens if I sell my vehicle?


In the event that you sell your Dacia, the Dacia ZEN warranty will pass automatically to the new owner, without you needing to do anything.

Am I eligible if I haven't had all of my servicing done in the Dacia network?


Yes. However, you should note that there may be limitations. For instance, any previous servicing needs to have been completed in compliance with the recommendations stated in the maintenance log book.

Which parts are covered by the Dacia ZEN Warranty?


The full terms and conditions of the Dacia ZEN warranty detail the full range of parts it covers. Discuss with a member of our team today for more information.

Does the Dacia ZEN warranty include roadside assistance?


Unfortunately, Dacia ZEN does not include roadside assistance.

*3 years’ manufacturer warranty as standard and up to 4 years’ warranty under Dacia ZEN. Dacia ZEN Warranty activated on the date the vehicle is serviced at a Dacia Dealer. Valid for 1 year or 18,000 miles (whichever comes first). Subject to maintenance conditions and servicing requirements. Vehicles over 6 years old or 75,000 miles not eligible. Visit here for full T&Cs.