Expert car picks from the new Motability Scheme price list selects Dacia Jogger as top estate car 

Richard Aucock ​ writes for Motability ​- My top estate car on the Motability Scheme

The Dacia Jogger is a clever new motor that is several cars in one – roomy estate car, stylish crossover and practical seven-seater. Everything has been really well thought out by the manufacturer.

Why is it so popular?

Despite the fact it has seven seats, Dacia Jogger isn’t too big on the outside. It measures around 4.5 metres long, which helps makes it easy to drive and park. However, it is still very spacious on the inside. There’s lots of rear legroom and the seats are mounted higher than those in the front so passengers get a good view out.

The third row of seats is an added bonus, and they are also pretty spacious. They can be folded flat into the boot floor when not needed – and it’s easy to remove them entirely as well. The Dacia Jogger has a punchy, fuel-efficient turbo petrol engine and a grown-up, refined feel behind the wheel. All of this is available from £995 Advance Payment – which makes this a great value choice.

We couldn't agree more Richard thanks for the rave review.

And did you know you now have the option to send your £750 New Vehicle Payment directly to your dealer to help towards the cost of your Advance Payment, making Dacia Jogger a budget busting £245 Advance payment.

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