Dacia Spring 2024 Review: UK's cheapest EV car

Dacia has officially announced the imminent arrival of the Dacia Spring in the UK. This eagerly awaited all-electric vehicle is slated for launch in 2024, representing an upgraded iteration featuring substantial enhancements in both its design and equipment. Recognised for revolutionizing electric mobility across Europe, the Spring has garnered an impressive 120,000 customer orders since its debut in 2021. Interested individuals in the UK can stay updated on the latest developments by registering their interest.

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Dacia Spring

How much does the Dacia Spring cost?

At an enticing potential cost of only £18,000, the Dacia Spring stands as Europe’s most affordable new electric car, upholding Dacia’s renowned commitment to unbeatable value. Its widespread acclaim across Europe attests to its triumph, winning over numerous drivers with its rich features and remarkably attractive pricing. Since its 2021 debut, this five-door supermini has democratized electric mobility, accumulating over 120,000 customer orders. Additionally, amidst a challenging market landscape, the Spring played a pivotal role in Dacia's 6.8% year-on-year global sales surge in 2022. Its accessible price tag further cements its allure for prospective buyers.

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What is the range of the Dacia Spring?

Highlighting its versatility, the Dacia Spring offers impressive official ranges of 149 miles for the 44bhp model and 136 miles for the 64bhp version. This data further emphasizes the Spring's adaptability to diverse driving needs, enhancing its appeal as an efficient urban travel companion.

Fascinatingly, a significant three-quarters of all Spring sales have been attributed to individual customers, resonating particularly well with retail car buyers seeking simplicity, enjoyment, and efficiency for their daily travels. The Spring often emerges as the primary mode of transport for 90% of multi-car households during the week.

Insights derived from the Spring's connected services shed light on how this full four-seat hatchback impeccably meets the needs of European customers, potentially aligning with the requirements of UK drivers—especially those navigating urban areas predominantly. Data reveals that the average daily commute spans less than 20 miles, covered at an average speed of 16 mph. Furthermore, an overwhelming 75% of users opt to charge the Spring at home, with an average charging time of 3.5 hours.

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Luke Broad, Dacia Brand Director for the UK, said:

“We are thrilled that Dacia Spring will come to the UK in 2024. It will certainly be worth the wait! It will literally plug a gap in the UK electric car market for a highly usable, quality EV that won’t break the bank and which makes electric vehicle ownership more realistic than ever. With over 120,000 customers already sold on the Spring’s unbeatable, ‘no-nonsense’ blend of value, efficiency and durability, UK car buyers can look forward to an EV that’s perfectly aligned to their mobility requirements and, importantly, is done the Dacia way.”

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