Press Release


• Dacia Bolton has the brand’s striking new interior design installed in only one day

• Our local retailer is one of the first Dacia UK retailers to feature the new showroom concept, as the brand rolls-out the innovative design across its nationwide retail network in record time

• Fresh new showroom environment designed to be functional, eco-smart and flexible, while capturing the clever thinking and adventurous nature of the brand

• The Dacia Bolton interior includes ‘bricks’ constructed from recycled tyres, sofas covered with material made from recycled plastic bottles, and rugs produced from 100% recycled yarns

• Retailer transformed in readiness for the launch of the All-New Duster later this year

Dacia Bolton has transformed its showroom with a whole new eco-smart interior, completing the installation in only a single day.

The Manchester Road retailer was one of the first Dacia UK retailers to welcome the striking new interior concept that highlights the brand’s bold new visual identity.

One of 12 sites officially owned by the manufacturer in the UK, Dacia Bolton and its sister sites were all recently upgraded over a two-week period. The speed of the refurbishment has helped make it the fastest introduction of such a comprehensive overhaul of retailers’ facilities for any Renault Group brand in the UK.

In total, 40 Dacia retailers nationwide have received the new interior design during the last 10 weeks. The rest of the Dacia UK network will have the distinctive concept installed over the coming months, with the brand’s ambition being that all its sites will have the works completed for launch of the All-New Duster later this year.

Although completed in an incredibly short timeframe, the new interior design is destined to make a big impression on Dacia Bolton visitors, as Steve Earle, the retailer’s Head of Business explained: “Simple, striking and innovative, our new interior complements the bold new exterior that was recently installed. It’s designed to convey Dacia’s adventurous nature and synergy with the great outdoors, while being functional, flexible, eco-smart and cost-effective.

“With the All-New Duster set to arrive at our showroom in a few months and the all-electric Spring later this year, it’s an incredibly exciting time for us, our customers and Dacia. Our new interior provides the perfect setting for us to introduce Bolton’s car buyers to all that Dacia and its vehicles have to offer. To our existing customers and those who may be new to the brand, please do call in and see us – we are sure that you will be impressed.”

Recycled and sustainable materials are used in the manufacture of fixtures and fittings throughout Dacia Bolton, such as panels, rugs, flooring and lights.

At the heart of the concept are ‘bricks’ which are made from recycled tyres and specially made for Dacia by HET. The bricks act as stands for panels around the showroom and proudly display the Dacia emblem. The bricks in the Dacia UK retailers are made from a total of 6,000 recycled tyres.

Elsewhere, display boards in the new interior are made of honeycomb cardboard and are printed with a minimum layer of ink, while the sofas are covered with 98% post-consumer recycled polyester, including plastic bottles. The carpets are produced from 100% recycled yarns from nylon waste, used carpets and manufacturing by-products.

Should a customer’s chosen model not be on display in the Dacia Retail Group showroom, there’s the option of using the Dacia AR augmented reality app. Via the innovative app, customers can explore every Dacia vehicle in 1:1 scale, getting a close look at the finer details and even get a feel for what it is like to sit inside.

Luke Broad, Dacia Brand Director for the UK, said: “The rapid installation of our brilliant new retail space at Dacia Bolton has been achieved by keeping things simple, functional and innovative. The new space embodies everything that Dacia stands for. It provides visiting customers with an attractive and immediate insight into the brand, perfectly conveying our values and illustrating the good thinking that runs through everything we do.”

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