We let Auto Express inside our showroom to show off Britain's favourite budget car brand - Dacia 

Much has changed for Dacia’s dealers and customers since the brand’s UK debut in 2013. Amid the spaghetti-like arrangement of concrete and asphalt where the M1, A5 and A406 North Circular roads meet in north London is a key part of the Dacia UK story. Not just the beginnings of the brand here, but the way in which it’s evolved to its present form, and where it’ll be going in the future.

Here, you’ll find Dacia Staples Corner, a relatively new facility created via the overhaul of an old Vauxhall dealer. It’s effectively a temporary home while the completion of an all-new facility in Chiswick awaits, but its history goes back much further.

It has its roots in Renault London West, a flagship dealer for the brand from the eighties, on a site in Park Royal that the French company first occupied in the thirties. Renault London West was with Dacia from the start of its UK launch in 2013,

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Britain's Favourite Budget Brand
Dacia Showroom
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