Dacia Zen: Up to 7 Years of Worry-Free Ownership for Your Dacia

Introducing Dacia Zen, a new complimentary warranty program offering up to seven years of coverage for your Dacia!

Dacia Zen gives you peace of mind and keeps you on the road longer, ensuring you can truly enjoy the adventure that comes with owning a Dacia.

Benefits of Dacia Zen:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Dacia Zen offers a level of protection similar to a new car warranty, even for vehicles that have been on the road for several years and clocked up thousands of miles.
  • Widespread Eligibility: Applies to all Dacia models under six years old with less than 75,000 miles.
  • Simple Maintenance: Maintain your Zen warranty with annual services completed at any official Dacia retailer.
  • Previously Serviced Elsewhere? No problem! Dacia Zen welcomes owners whose vehicles were serviced outside the network, provided they meet manufacturer recommendations and have proper service documentation.

Dacia Zen underlines our confidence in the reliability and durability of Dacia vehicles. It means less worry about unexpected repairs and more money for the adventures you love.

Ready to unlock peace of mind? Schedule your next service appointment to activate your coverage.

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3 years’ manufacturer warranty as standard and up to 4 years’ warranty under Dacia ZEN. Dacia ZEN Warranty activated on the date the vehicle is serviced at a Dacia Dealer. Valid for 1 year or 18,000 miles (whichever comes first). Subject to maintenance conditions and servicing requirements. Vehicles over 6 years old or 75,000 miles not eligible.

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