Our environmental Commitments

As Europe’s leading vendor of vehicles, associated services, and after sales, we are committed to climate preservation and the development of eco-friendly solutions in our everyday work across all operations.   

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Renault Group, we are fully aligned with their regulations and commitments, but our environmental strategy is designed first and foremost to reduce the environmental impact of our activities in any way we can.  

It is critical that we take action to drive positive change on our scale, building on six key commitments: 

  1. Involve and empower all players across the company and ensure communication and transparent and responsible dialogue with all stakeholders. 
  2. Play a part in the Renault Group’s decarbonisation plan by reducing energy consumption and striving for energy efficiency (eneRRGy Plan), as well as by using renewable energies (photovoltaic). 
  3. Contribute to the performance of the circular economy that operates across all Renault Group’s activities.  
  4. Manage and reduce water consumption, recycling water whenever it is possible to do so. 
  5. Minimise and continuously strive to reduce the environmental and health impact of its activities, products and services, and help to protect the planet's biodiversity. 
  6. Prevent soil pollution by using appropriate prevention methods. 

Our goal is clear: to have a minimal impact on the climate, work in harmony with our planet's resources, and embrace a circular approach. This is our vision for driving positive change. 

Environmental Commitments
Environmental Commitments
Environmental Commitments