New Nissan Juke
New Nissan JUKE Bold & Unique Design Starting from £23,485


The iconic Nissan Juke returns, redesigned and ready to electrify your drive. This new Juke blends head-turning style with innovative features, making it the perfect companion for navigating city streets or exploring the countryside.

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Visit Nissan Liverpool today for a test drive and discover how the New Juke can transform your driving experience. With its electrifying performance, stunning design, and smart functionality, the New Nissan Juke is the perfect for exploring life's possibilities.

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Juke now boasts a fresh new look, including a stunning yellow paint option.

Step inside and enjoy a completely redesigned interior with upgraded materials, technology, and a larger touchscreen.

Plus, the sporty N-Sport grade lets you showcase your love for driving fun.

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Take your pick between the energetic yet efficient 1.0 litre DIG-T petrol engine or the all-new 1.6-litre hybrid powertrain.

The hybrid option delivers instant torque and exceptional fuel economy, letting you conquer your commute without compromise.

The smart energy management system will use the high efficiency petrol engine to recharge the battery or to provide power to the wheels exclusively when it's most efficient and best suited to your driving conditions. With part of your urban journey time driving in electric mode, you get an authentic electrified and responsive driving experience.

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With Nissan Intelligent Technologies, you can stay in sync with the world around you. Connecting to your favourite playlist and apps, setting your destination and more.

Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ connect your smartphone to your Juke, so you can get directions, make calls, listen to playlists, and more.⁶ ¹³

The NissanConnect Services App can tell you where you parked, how many miles until empty, and more⁴ ⁷.

Home-to-car skills with Amazon Alexa®, Forgot to lock up? Amazon Alexa® can check the status of your Juke and tell you if the doors are locked or not⁷ ¹³.

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Nissan Juke

The signature N-Sport treatment takes the Juke's interior to a whole new level of boldness.

Black and yellow accents electrify the cabin, creating a vibrant and visually exciting space that reflects the Juke's dynamic spirit.

The N-Sport treatment extends to the exquisite seat and trim finishes.

Sink into the unique N-Sport seats, designed to provide exceptional comfort and support during even the most spirited drives. These performance-inspired seats boast high-quality materials and a sculpted design that hugs you through every corner.

Every detail in the Juke's interior is meticulously crafted to deliver a driving experience that's as thrilling as it is stylish.

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    Sonic Bliss with Bose® Personal® Plus Get ready to experience your music like never before. The New Nissan Juke boasts the powerful and immersive Bose® Personal® Plus sound system. This innovative technology delivers thrilling clarity and precision, no matter your musical taste.

    10 High-Performance Speakers: Strategically placed throughout the cabin, these speakers create a 360-degree soundscape that envelops you in rich, detailed audio.
    PersonalSpace technology allows you to tailor the soundstage to your preference. Experience a wide and expansive soundscape, or focus the audio for a more intimate listening experience.

    Turn up the volume on your passion for music. with Bose® Personal® Plus.
    New Nissan Juke
    ProPILOT Technology Your new Juke helps improve safety, comfort and control thanks to ProPILOT technology which allows your to keep a set distance from the car ahead based on traffic flow. It can even come to a complete stop on its own and can bring you back up to speed when traffic starts moving again. On the open road, ProPILOT Assist helps keep you centered in your lane through straight roads, as well as gentle curves along the way.***
    Nissan Juke
    Where Sport Meets Space New Nissan Juke defies expectations. Step inside and discover a revolutionary driver-focused cockpit that puts you in total command. The sleek design maximizes visibility, creating an airy and spacious environment that keeps you feeling refreshed and engaged on every journey.
    Don't let the sporty design fool you - the Juke is surprisingly practical too. With a generous 422L cargo capacity, you'll have plenty of room for groceries, luggage, or weekend gear. And when you need even more space, the easy-fold split rear seats expand the cargo area in a snap.
    The Juke's clever storage solutions make every trip effortless. Practical shelves and dividers keep your cargo organized, while the adjustable armrest with storage compartment provides a convenient spot for your essentials.