New Nissan Juke Motability Offer

Now from £499 Advance Payment with Motability Scheme

Motability New Vehicle Payment of £750 can help towards your Advance Payment

Model SpecificationAdvance PaymentNVPRemainder of APBalance of NVP
DIG-T 114 MANUAL N-CONNECTA£799£750£49£0
DIG-T 114 AUTOMATIC N-CONNECTA£1,099£750£349£0
DIG-T 114 MANUAL TEKNA£1,799£750£1,049£0
DIG-T 114 AUTOMATIC TEKNA£2,099£750£1,349£0
HYBRID AUTOMATIC TEKNA£2.199£750£1,449£0

NVP - New Vehicle Payment

AP - Advance Payment

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The New Nissan Juke is the perfect car for you! With its dynamic, sports-inspired design and coupé styling, the Juke makes a powerful statement on the road. And now, the new Nissan Juke Hybrid combines electric and petrol motor advanced technology, giving you a quieter, more powerful, and more responsive drive.

The Juke is equipped with a turbocharged 1.0-litre petrol engine that delivers impressive performance and comes with both manual and automatic gearbox options to suit your preferences. As a five-door crossover SUV, the Juke offers plenty of space and practicality, making it a great choice for Motability users.

With a range of model variants to choose from, there's something for every budget and specification requirement. Whether you're looking for advanced technology, comfort features, or safety and driver assistance systems, you're sure to find the perfect Juke model for you.

Additionally, the latest model is even bigger than its predecessor, with a clever design that maximizes the boot capacity and interior roominess. And if you require additional mobility aids or adaptations, our team of specialists are always on hand to help.​

Nissan Juke is a fantastic choice for Motability users who want a practical and efficient SUV that doesn't compromise on comfort or technology.

So why not book a test drive today and experience it for yourself?

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Motability £750 - You can now use your New Vehicle Payment to help towards your Advance Payment

Great news! If you're ready to order your new Nissan JUKE with the Motability scheme, you can now use your New Vehicle Payment (NVP) to offset the cost of your Advance Payment (AP).

This means you can send your £750 New Vehicle Payment directly us, making it even easier to order your next new Nissan JUKE on the Scheme.

For more information on this new option, check out the Motability website or speak to us directly.

Advance Payment (AP) offers are valid for Motability applications between 1st April 2024 - 30th June 2024 and are correct at the time of publication. Motability customers agree to pay all or part of the Motability Allowance (DLA or WPMS) depending on their choice of vehicle, for the duration of their contract hire or hire purchase agreement.

Motability vehicles available at a fixed weekly cost for the duration of your 3 year lease agreement. Where your weekly costs is less than your Motability total allowance, the difference will be paid directly to you by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) or Veterans UK depending on which allowance you receive. Motability customers agree to pay all or part of the Motability Allowance (DLA, PIP, AFIP or WPMS) depending upon the vehicle chosen for the duration of the 3 year lease agreement. **Apple CarPlay® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google LLC. NissanConnect with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® should only be used when it is safe to do so in accordance with the Highway Code. For compatible devices, visit

The following are the terms and conditions for receiving £750 towards your New Motability Car:

If you are eligible, you will currently receive £250. From 1 March 2023, the payment will increase to £750. If you have already received the £250 payment or get a new vehicle before the payment increases, you will receive an additional £500, bringing your total New Vehicle Payment to £750.The £500 payment will begin from the start of March 2023. If you have saved your bank details in your Motability Scheme online account, you will receive the payment by bank transfer. If not, you will receive a cheque.