New Nissan JUKE Hybrid A thrilling electrified experience. Starting from £28,210

Nissan Juke, Exterior, Front Side, Red
Nissan Juke, Exterior, Front Side, Red
Nissan Juke, Exterior, Front Side, Grey
Nissan Juke, Exterior, Front Side, Silver
Nissan Juke, Exterior, Front Side, White
Nissan Juke, Exterior, Front Side, White
Nissan Juke, Exterior, Front Side, Red
Nissan Juke, Exterior, Front Side, Black


NISSAN JUKE catches the eye from any angle. Its dynamic, sports-inspired design and coupé styling make a powerful statement wherever it goes. Advanced technology - including ProPILOT driving assistance - keeps you safe, connected and entertained for thrilling urban adventures.

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Move to the thrilling electrified experience. This is Nissan JUKE Hybrid

Experience this innovative multimodal hybrid system. Your vehicle always takes off in electric mode and can reach a maximum speed of up to 34 mph in EV mode. Combined output of the Electric Motor and Petrol Engine is 143PS, providing smooth acceleration.

The smart energy management system will use the high efficiency petrol engine to recharge the battery or to provide power to the wheels exclusively when it's most efficient and best suited to your driving conditions. With part of your urban journey time driving in electric mode, you get an authentic electrified and responsive driving experience.


Always connected to your world

With Nissan Intelligent Technologies, you can stay in sync with the world around you. Connecting to your favourite playlist and apps, setting your destination and more.

Seamless connectivity

Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ connect your smartphone to your Juke, so you can get directions, make calls, listen to playlists, and more.⁶ ¹³

NissanConnect Services App

The NissanConnect Services App can tell you where you parked, how many miles until empty, and more⁴ ⁷.

Home-to-car skills with Amazon Alexa®

Forgot to lock up? Amazon Alexa® can check the status of your Juke and tell you if the doors are locked or not⁷ ¹³.


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Bold styling that triggers emotions

Monoform Sports Seats

Experience enhanced comfort and support for both driver and front passenger with Juke's sporty designed and ergonomic seats.

Welcoming Interior

Enjoy heated front seats1, and the convenience of a heated windscreen2 and rain-sensing wipers for enhanced visibility,

Ambient Lighting

Enjoy Juke's ambient lighting which creates a comfortable atmosphere while you drive.


    SEAMLESS CONNECTIVITY Imagine getting in to your next generation Nissan Juke with your favourite music track cued up and your navigation set - this is the modern way to stay connected. Apple Carplay or Android Auto integrate your smartphone to your car for a less stressful and safer journey. Your next generation Juke can even act as a WI-FI hotspot, which you can connect to up to eight separate devices.
    PROPILOT TECHNOLOGY Your next generation Juke helps to keep you safer and in control thanks to ProPILOT technology which allows your next generation Juke to keep a set distance from the car ahead based on traffic flow. It can even come to a complete stop on its own and can bring you back up to speed when traffic starts moving again. On the open road, ProPILOT Assist helps keep you centred in your lane through straight roads, as well as gentle curves along the way.***
    YOUR PERSONAL SPACE The next generation Nissan JUKE's revolutionary design creates a focused cockpit-like interior. With its floating instrument panel, the next generation Nissan JUKE puts you at the center of thrilling performance. Advanced tech is placed intuitively at your fingertips. Headrests become your own personal soundstage^. Sport seats reach around and hold you in place. And yet, it's also spacious, airy, with great visibility.